Earliest Days Of Photography 1

History of Photography, Earliest Days

Elements of Discovery
Social documentary, art, fashion photography changed the world
Pre 1839 (Pre photographic world)

Desire – Is stemmed from the Greek world that expressed their artistic desire to render more and more realistic imagery in art. Artists and Ex are Brunelesci and the Renaissance Era. Artist began to value precision. The use of perspective, foreshortening and other optical illusions with color became popular giving foundation to the creation of something that can obtain a likeness of a subject with excellence. Paintings

Camera Lucida
Galileo – optical
Modern camera
Camera Obscura, Santa Monica –
Photosensitivity was fairly easy but the problem lied in reversing the sensitivity
Wedgewood China - 1820 used photosensitive chemicals to reproduce images on china

1828 The Birth of Photography

Joseph Niepce, View from the window at Le Gras c 1828 Hieliograph (8 hour exposure) Niepce used lithography allot. He takes the first photo that cannot be completely confirmed as the first photo.

Polyrama Camera – More of a projector than a camera that

Daguerre Camera - Daguerre, 1839 invented the Daguerreotype camera and released it for free. 1829 forged partnership with Niepce. Introduced silver nitrates to establish the first real working camera

  • Daguerre, Bouolevard du Temple Paris 1839 – considered one of the earliest photos with a person in it
  • Talbot, The Oriel Window 1837

- Invented the Caloo type which was the first use of negatives

  • Talbot, The Open Door

Bayar, Self Portrait as a Drowned Man, 1840
Bayar invented Silver Chloride
Silver chloride is a chemical compound with the chemical formula AgCl. This white crystalline solid is well known for its low solubility in water (this behavior being reminiscent of the chlorides of Tl+ and Pb2+). Upon illumination or heating, silver chloride converts to silver (and chlorine), which is signalled by greyish or purplish coloration to some samples. Also when silver chloride is left in the sun it turns purple. AgCl occurs naturally as a mineral chlorargyrite.

Photography – Light writing
Cameron, Sir John Fredrick Herschel 1867 – Herschel invented 1839 the fix of sensitivity to light, named positive negative, latent fix.

Brady, Morse 1850 – 1839 he was in Paris to talk about his invention of Morsecode. He set up the first photo school.

*Augustos Washington, 1850 – He was the son of a former slave and an Asian woman. Became a member of Liberian congress. He was a great photographer of the Daguerreotype.

*Augustos Washington, John Brown 1847 – He was a radical abolitionist

*Whipple, the Moon 1852 – with a Daguerreotype

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