Early Art Photography 4


• Documentary: Truth, History, Record
• Vernacular: Personal, Snapshot, Private
• Art: Artist, False, Beautiful


Degas “Absingth” (1896) – scene in a café
Art is popular in Paris.
There are a lot of prostitutes on the photograph, for example, “La Toilitte” (1895), “After the Bath” (1896)
Painters are using photographs for their paintings.

1. Machine vs. the hand of the Artist.
2. Are products of a Camera unequal to paintings?
3. Some were equal.
4. Changing what people want out of their paintings.

Delacroix “La liberte…”

Courbet – more realistic and socialistic.

Millet “The Gleaners” (1857)

Manet “Le Dejeuner sur I’Herbe” (1863) – naked women.
“Olympia” (1863) – picture with a black cat which means that the girl is a prostitute. Monkey on the picture has the same meaning.

Nadar (crazy guy on a balloon ☺) photographs famous people, for example “Sarah bern hard” (1864)
“Comic” – on this photograph Painting kicking Photography out of the door.
“View in the latacombs” (1861) – Nadar used artificial lights to take photos. He helps to design lamps.

Victor Hugo


William Holman Hunt
Paintings are Biblical or Greek Mythic (romance + reality)
Turning to Middle ages.
Opened fruits are signs of sexuality.
Painters are painting from photos but are ashamed of that that is why they are hiding it from everyone.
There are very conservative movements.

Camron – she was very reach and did photography not for Money. People considered her to be a real artist because the money were not involved and her sould told her to do it. She is respected during her life.
“Ellen Terry at the Age of Sixteen” (1864) – a famous photograph of her daughter.
“Whisper of the Muse”
“The Parting of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere” (1874)
“Vivien and Merlin” (1874)
She photograph the myth stories:
“Elaine” – she photograph the myth story.
“The Corps of Elaine in the Palace of King Arthur” (1874)
“Charles Darvin” – a famous man.
“Sinhalese Woman” – an Indian woman.
“Longfellow” – a poet.

The first woman photographers were the wives of photographers.

John William Waterhouse “ The Lady of Shallot” (1888) – it’s a love story.

Carroll was a writer and a student in Oxford.
“William Holman”
“John Everett”
“Alice Liddel” (1856) – best friend with a little girl Alice.
He was drown to innocence of little girls. When Alice got older he changed to Xie.
“Xie Kitchin” (1870)

Hawarden was another rich lady like Camron but was not famous outside her circle.
“Photographic Studies or Studies from Life” (1860)
“Clementina and Isabella”

Le Gray “The Great Wave Sate” (1855)– a composite print

Nerge was a painter but did photography too, for example, “Le Styge”.

• day-to-day life
• different perspectives
• different cropping
• allegory
• new ideas
• blur
• light

Ce Zanne “Still Life with a Curtain” (1895)

Cassat – painter inspired by photographs – use of perspective.

Robinson “Fading Away” (1858) – composed a photograph from many photographs because people considered ‘composing’ to be an Art.
He wrote 11 on esthetics.
Robinson was inspired by Victorian ideas of innocence and sexuality.
At that time it was so much romantic when YOUNG people died.
“When the Days Work is Done” (1877) – competitive images that were done in his studio.
Robinson: “If I make it hard – it’s an Art”.
“Figures in Landscape Gelligynan Series”

Rejlander “Hard Time” – double exposure.
“Head of St. Jones”
“Two ways of Life” (1857) – was made of 20 prints. Queen Victoria bought it because she was impressed by it’s morality.
“Two Urchins playing the game”
“Poor Jo”

Uelsmann did a lot of composites.

Mutter “Column”

• decoration
• truth
• natural world
• want to be considered as a Fine Art

Emerson “A Stiff Pull” – used softer light. He believes that human eyes are softer
“Gathering Water Lilies” (1886)
“Marsh Weeds”

Sutcliff was one of the first to shoot without a tripod. He was more into portraiture than Emerson.
“Sea Urchins Saltwick”

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