Early Documentary And Journalism 5
  • Improving Technology (photo. less time consuming, camera can now travel easier, roll film, materials more light sensitive, lower exposure times)
  • Place in Art & Society (photo. is now influencing art)
  • Access (greater access…allows photo. to go more places. ie. aerial photo.)
  • Vernacular (private use, how people use photo. for themselves. ie. photo. childs bday party)

Jacques Henri Lartique (1894-1986)
- Frenchman, part of the petite bourgeoisie (newly rich) during Belle Epoche time period
- vernacular use of photo./ starting photographing as a boy age 8/ made images of family & friends having fun

E.J. Bellocq (1873-1949)
- American photographer, photo. in New Orleans, made living in studio doing formal portraits & records of landmarks & ships for local companies
- did secret/private work…photo. prostitutes & brothels of "Storyville" (prostitution district of New Orleans). Could have been used as advertisements in lobbies of brothels.
- these secret images not found until after Bellocq's death. Found in his attic by Freelander.

August Sander (1876-1964)
- German photographer, photo. around time period when WWI ends, during time of Hitler & eugenics
- anti-Nazi as son was killed by Nazis (interesting: Nazi's banned his images during 1930's s they did not adhere to the ideal Aryan type however he continued to photograph)
- did commercial portraits
- wanted to record the German people. Looked for representatives of the society (same mentality as Curtis photographing N. Americans) ie. a chef that looks "chefly"
- book published after death "Man Of The 20th Century". His recordings of the Germanic people
- many of his negatives damaged during the war but he had hidden many of them so they survived

James Van Der Zee (1886-1983)
- American, pre-eminent African American photo., ran commercial studio in New York
- very upper class (parents former servants of Ulysses S. Grant)
- recorded people for pay & personal interest/ Did event photo. of growing black upper class
- photo. Marcus Garvey (African Amer. who inspired movement of "going back to Africa")

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