The Rise Of Color And New Social Documentary 12

Rise of Color Photography & New Social Documentary 12
By:Danielle Blandin

Maxwell, Tartan Ribbon, 1861
*oldest color print (thought to be)
*Auto crome
Lumiere, on the road to La croturt
Film, motion prints
Muray, cream of wheat
Keppler,camel cigarette adv 1951
Kodachrome adv c1935
Poloroid 1965
Evans, Ice sign c1974
*teached at yale
*large format or cheap cameras
st martins 1972
Jim Dow, Cactus Barbershop Big
Spring texas 1980
Telegraph office 1988
Christenberry, Red building in forest
Hale county Alabama 1994
1980 5 cents 1985
South End of palmist Building 1979
Eggleston,Memphis c1965,1971 2 girls 1973
Green wood Mississippi 1973
Yellow, southhaven Mississippi c1975
First color class
*started off street photography
Meyerowitz, Red Interior Provincetown 1977
Ny City 1978- Empire State building 12th ave
Page 31 aftermath world Trade center Archive 2001
Porter- Ansel Adams of color 1940’s River Utah
Printing color himself
Millipede 1968
Sun on brook cades cove road
Weeds and fever Trees 1972, 1973 Egypt Temple of Luxor
Frank class the bus from the Americans
Lyon Uptown Chicago 1965
Self taught
Book called “movement”
Funeral Detroit 1966
Became Biker gang
Bruce Davidson, “The Bike riders” The book
1967 line from conversations with the dead
owens 1972 Mark 1983 from streetwise
1990 Damm family La ca Usa 1987-1990
Golberg, From Rich and poor 1985
Destinys shiny Bracelett 1989
Tweeky dave Pan handing from raised by wolves c1993
Kurdish woman Greece 2003
Clark from Tulsa c1965 “The perfect childhood” c1993
Goldin- Nan one month after being battered 1984
Rodriguez-east side story
Rogovin- Miners Zimbabwe_ around the world& at home 1974
Baptism boy 2002
Parents and kids as they get older

The Rise of Color and New Social Documentary 12 – 2
By: Amelia Ryan

Maxwell, Tartan Ribbon, 1861
used auto chrome process
Lumiere, On The Road To La Croturt, 1907
used auto chrome
also worked on movies
Muray, ca rbon print, 1936
Keppler, 1951, cigarette add, carbo print, bright color, in studio
Evans, used Polaroid-SX-70, Ice Sign, large format Polaroid
Jim Dow, Evans was his mentor, 1980, Nastalga-1988
Christenberry, influenced by Evens, Alabamma-1994
revisets the same places year after year
still living.
Eggleston, 1965, used color, used drugstore processing
blurred the line between fine art and vernacular photography
used color/ line/ scale/and flash
Meyerowitz, 1977, used color, started first color class,
book-Cape Light, all about composition
shot the aftermath of 9/11 with a large format camera, official 9/11 photographer
Porter, 1960, Ansel Adams of color
was a doctor and scientist
used Koda chrome and transparency
printed in darkroom
helped pass conservation laws, part of Seara Club
Frank, 1955, shot on black and white film
social documentary – kept distance from subject- worked on a deadline
Lyon, 1965, New social documentary
self taught, followed and joined biker gang(The Outlaws),
Book – The Bike Riders 1967
Book – Conservations with the dead, shot behind bars in Texas
Owens, 1972, New Journalism
Book – Suburbia, documented in quotes, insiders look at America, criticized the US
Quit and started his own pub
Davidson, New Journalism, Irony in street photography, got closer to subjects, 1959
Book – A time for change
Still alive
Mary Ellen Mark, New Journalism, 1976
Worked for Life, New Yorker
Set photographer, photographed Turkish prostitutes, and metal patients
Books – Word 81, Streetwise, Street kids of Seattle
Photographed The Damm Family, family living in poverty
1980 photographed India's street performers and circus people
Goldberg, New Journalism, 1985
Book – Rich and poor
Book – Raised by wolfs
Magnum Photographer
Clark(wild man of photography) 1965
Book – Tulsa
Book - Teenage lust
Book – The perfect childhood
Movie director(KIDS)
Goldin, 1984, recorded own life
Book – The ballad of sexual dependency
Rodriguez,1992, New Journalism, photographed own town
Book – East side story(gang life)
Rogovin, 1952, New Journalism
Documented minors around the world
Made tripdix of the same people every ten years
Baptism boy, Chino and Chinito, Old man and baby carriage

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